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4 Tips to Start Making Money on YouTube
For many of us, it's difficult to create regular YouTube content for a channel. This can be due to a number of reasons such as time, equipment or expertise. Another problem that people face is that you need 1000 followers and 4000 hours of viewing content. But what if I told you that you can start making money from the channel in a month without any video. This is a guide you can start implementing today.

1- Find your niche:

Identify the videos you watch the most on YouTube. For me, for example, I watch a lot of compilations, jokes or top 10 videos. Why is it relevant? Because here you are going to find your gold mine. We see that most channels are not using their content. These channels go and find videos to re-upload videos to make money. They monetize their channels using advertising and affiliate marketing. It is perfectly legal and in good use. An example is a channel on which I watch a lot: Goalcast, which is strengthened by movements that affect people in various forms. Use your content to enhance the quality of your content.

2- Create your channel:

Create a new channel on your YouTube profile. Now, you need to create a brand that suits your niche and makes it look professional. Proceed to create a logo, profile picture and banner. Then fill in your bio sections with some keywords that contain a lot of research. You can use overseas or keywords everywhere to check the statistics. This will ensure that your channel will not be considered a robot or banned from the platform. Now that your channel is configured, it should look something like this

3- Make money from your channel:

Move your content now. Go to the keywords with the YouTube search type inside your niche in the Filters section, mark the Creative Commons and sort by count view. Creative Commons is a feature that indicates that you can use the content in the video as long as you make some edits without copyright. When you are using this content after finding it, it needs to be edited and make a video of your own: compilation, rating, controversy, jokes and challenges work really well on the platform. When you finish editing, add a thumbnail and use the keywords you initially used for your research.
For fast results, upload one to seven times daily for a month. You should be able to quickly monetize your channel by following this model.

4- Improve your videos:

To ensure that you set up your videos successfully, you need to understand how much money you earn on YouTube and how much your click-through rate and your viewing time are. Based. So I'll leave you with a final hint on how to improve your videos.

  • Create compelling titles
  • Design thumbnails each time
  • Edit your videos
  • Story story
  • Submit your videos under shared license
  • Be consistent

This method is also called Krishna and it is the same concept as publishing at home. If you are going to try this method, comment on the channel you are going to set up or your progress in a few months.

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