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How to get namecheap vpn for free - premium vpn for free

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Hey guys what's up my name is fasih ud din and welcome to my video today we're going to be talking about uh namecheapvpn after a viewer on the channel requested it that was just another notification that i'm still talking to their live chat i guess but anyways guys i've been reviewing vpns for five years i've reviewed 64 plus vpn providers here on the channel today we're going to give you an unbiased look at neem cheap vpn to help you decide if you should use it or not so let's go ahead and get into the unbiased review so this is what namecheap's website looks like when you try to access it when you have namecheap on it's kind of funny that they're kind of detecting you as you know something uh broke when you're choosing their their you know all right which one is the bus we got three bus next okay umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella check nice okay guys we're in that is the hardest start to a vpn review that i've ever done so namecheap kind of has a weird pricing plan in that they try to make it seem really cheap off the bat but then they actually kind of increase the price in a weird way so let's say you buy the three-year plan it's only going to be around two dollars a month per month and you're gonna pay 67 up front this is actually a pretty good deal although.

I don't really recommend going for three year plans this is probably the cheapest three year deal that i've ever seen the one year plan um starts at 12 but after one year it will renew at thirty four dollars the monthly plan is zero dollars for the first month and then after that it will be billed five dollars and 88 cents so as you can see here this pricing system is a little bit tricky first of all they're using a font which is very hard to see and i think they're probably hoping that people don't look at the fine print i think what they're hoping for the monthly plan is people will sign up for it not see any charge or anything like that and then six months later they'll remember to cancel it so not my favorite kind of tactic but you know if you're just looking to try it out i would say it's probably one of the best free trial options out there you can't really use that many vpns you know one month without paying anything with no limitations although you know depending on the privacy policy and stuff like that you know you might be giving away your data or something i don't really know why they also have two pricing plans on this page that's kind of funny anyways guys we'll also have to see you know what kind of limitations we can expect in the free trial that i'm using right now um you know is it going to work with torrenting is it going to work with streaming services at the end of the day if you're using a free product and it doesn't do what you need it's not really much point to using it anyways all right guys so let's go ahead and check out the application now so guys i plugged namecheap into our application analysis and it did okay i guess there are a lot of kind of extra features that i like that aren't included here stuff like a dedicated ip stuff like wire guard would be nice ad blocking features are not included split tunneling extra proxy support the ability to customize dns and your port as well as some encryption customization perhaps or maybe even script implementation however we do see some cool things like a network kill switch which is pretty much mandatory like v2 support which is always nice to see for fast connection times and good speeds we also see surprisingly the ability to favorite servers as well as the ability to see information about them .

Which is nice not every vpn will allow you to do that you can also switch between servers very easily overall i actually do like the kind of look and feel of this application it's kind of got a modern kind of clean appearance but also some interesting functionality with the way the menu system works i actually kind of like that i've never really seen a vpn kind of perform in this way and organized in this fashion but i think it does work pretty well overall while they're missing a lot of extra kind of customization they do okay in terms of getting some of the fundamentals so guys i was gonna do the speed test here and then i was surprised to see that the server was recognized as ipvanish so later on in this review in the reputation category we'll have to talk about what that means but for now we're doing the simple speed test on speedtest.net of course the website again owned by global which also owns ipvanish so you know in some ways you wouldn't be the worst skeptic to be like you know maybe if this website detected you were using a server from the same company.

Am i boosted a little bit or something like that it's not the worst conspiracy theory uh you know unfortunately i don't think that's what or maybe fortunately himself more than the ceo of microsoft even though it's a much much smaller company with much less earning in profits it's kind of weird to see that the ceo would pay himself this much it makes you wonder about the products they are acquiring and the mediocrity of them i guess overall is kind of i guess uh evidence of the way they run the company perhaps it's not that well run of a company after all so namecheapvpn is just kind of under the namecheap name i don't see any live chat here or that many support buttons so we could try to find it i guess uh support center is probably where you're gonna be going um so wait it did say we have a live person .

let's see if this actually works what the heck it just happened live chat support okay we'll try here all right let's let's see if this works so the funny thing is i was gonna be talking to them and testing out the customer support and asking for a refund and then i realized i haven't actually paid for anything so hmm i guess i'm gonna have to figure out what i want to say to this person after all so the good thing is is that they do have some support for namecheap vpn i guess just through the namecheap company but the only bad thing is it's very slow at least maybe since i just said hello hello is anyone there it's now been two minutes since i said hello and no one has said hello back so i'm gonna try to say hello again and see how long it takes them to reply so while this support does take a little while to respond uh you know maybe four to five minutes on average which can be annoying this time it actually seemed to think that they actually did kind of look around they were typing and retyping and maybe deleting it or whatever um and they were pretty honest in the fact that you know they might experience issues with netflix so actually i do think the support here is not bad especially for you know kind of a bigger company that has a lot of different products i do like that you can actually discuss vpn about something with one of these people so not bad name cheap well you know not bad all right guys now we are done with namecheap taking a look at its service it's overall going to get a 2.91 out of 5. overall the pricing system is pretty decent although a little bit confusing a little bit manipulative and how they do it i think you gotta read the fine print the application is decent as well it's missing a little bit of extra customization and settings and stuff like that but for the main part it looks good and it has most of the essentials speeds however aren't anything that special just kind of same greatest application in some ways it gets the job done but you're not going to get any extra good performance here from namecheap reputation i'm going to give it a pretty low score because it's part of the global brand and they're becoming more and more a company that .

I don't really trust um especially as they just scoop up more and more vpns and continue to pay their ceo tons and tons of money customer support is five out of five i was actually pretty impressed with namecheap's vpns i'm offering here from their customer support providing support specifically for that product is pretty good and pretty responsive and honest as well which i actually like from support some other vpn providers like nordvpn for example sometimes the customer support reps are a little bit shady kind of answering questions in weird ways and i didn't really find that to be the case here streaming is pretty poor however not working with any services some of the websites wouldn't load and i would get proxy errors on most streaming services out there so overall it gets a 2.91 um out of five tier four um not actually that's two or three tier three not really recommended for use if you guys want to check out better vpn's used check out tier one and you could find that on vpntureless.com anyways guys thanks for checking out this extended review of namecheap and i'll see you again on the next one very soon.

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