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Legal requirements

We expect that, in addition to Google's standard advertising policies, all ads in any area comply with local laws. We generally make careful mistakes in enforcing this policy because we do not want to allow objectionable legal content.

Below you will find legal requirements for the country, but note that this is not a complete list. Advertisers are expected to conduct their own research on local rules and regulations for any location targeted to their ads. If you violate our policies, find out.Violation of trade sanctions.

The following are not allowed:Advertisers must comply with applicable restrictions and export regulations, including those administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("Office of the AC"), and agree that Google does not violate these regulations. Have to do. You may not use ads for or on behalf of limited entities or individuals. You may not use advertisements for or on behalf of entities or individuals located in approved countries or territories.

In addition, advertisements are not available to any person or persons subject to applicable trade restrictions and export compliance laws. It is also not available to entities or individuals who own or control or operate through or through such limited companies or individuals.Advertising campaigns that target countries or territories geographically.Advertising campaigns run by businesses located in restricted countries or territories, even if the account owner is not located in that country or region.Advertising campaigns run by or through organizations or individuals that are restricted by tradeable restrictions and regulations

Note: Google must comply with OAAC restrictions. Companies and individuals who cannot create or use Google Advertising accounts are not allowed to use Google Advertising. People who live or typically live in the countries or territories they live in may not create or use a Google Advertising account. Currently, sanctions are imposed on Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Learn how to fix a suspended account. Local legal requirements.

To see the nature of the local legal requirements that Google monitors in Google Advertising, select a country from the menu below. Note that this is not a complete list of local legal requirements or countries, and you are still responsible for researching and complying with these local laws where your business operates and your ads target any region. ۔The following restrictions apply to ads targeting this country India Here are some examples of what is allowed with limits.

Accounting Services: Unless they promote a particular accountant, Google allows ads promoting the accounting services to appear in India.Legal Services: Unless they advertise a particular lawyer, Google allows advertisements promoting legal services to be displayed in India.

Medical Services: Unless they advertise a particular doctor or medical practitioner, Google allows advertisements promoting medical services in India.

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