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The following content in this video is only for educational purposes, not to harm any data or a live person or company. Hello, all. Welcome back to my youtube channel. I hope you all guys are doing well, so I haven't shared a VPS type of video for a couple of weeks. That's why most of you are asking to share with you a trick that. How you can get a free VPS, so today in this video, I will share with you how you can get a free VPS and without any cc or anything, so without wasting any more time, let's start the tutorial and make sure to subscribe my youtube channel. You can also join our Facebook group premium share to get daily updates so let's start the video [Music]. At first, go to your google and search for x your cloud, so after searching with this keyword, you'll get a website, so here you can see that it will say that one-month free trial, so all you click here. Now it will open up with a website like this nowhere you have to sign up with your current Gmail or any mail what is active now give her your mail and the choose here your country what is your country and unfortunately my country's panelists.

I had to select this, and for the password, you can type any password that you like, and now here, type the code security code and click on send. Now they are going to give you a number in your mail, so all you need copy that number and paste it here for verification of your id, then click on confirm. It will load for a moment, and now they are asking you for uh adding a payment option you can add a credit card or PayPal or you can skip this part for now so let us forget this one and now okay so you can see that our account is ready now we can click on login to console and here.

 i have to click on free trial so you can also click on free trial and after you click on free trial you can see in bottom that we have one month free problem of vps and what the vps we can use it's already selected and here we can use uh all these servers like linux and ubuntu or windows so here i am going to choose windows 2012 version and for the password here you can see the password i am just going to save it anywhere else so that i can use it for later and now here i am going to click on buy now okay so here i have to click accept your terms and condition and then click on buy now now it will load and give you some other confirmation instructions so you can just read it out or scroll down and click on create so now you can see that it's uh the price of this vps is around uh half a hub dollar per hour but you are getting this for free for one month now you can add here your um paypal or your credit card but if you don't want you can uh stay you can keep this you can leave it like this so .

If you leave this without adding any uh billing information so you will get that vpn for three hours or two hours or one hours but if you choose to add any payment option so they are not going to charge you but they are going to verify you as a as a legit user and they will give you that vps for a one month absolutely for free so you can check out my youtube playlist to understand to know how you can get a cc uh how you can get a free uh paypal account or free mastercard and you can add here for getting the pre-trial for one month uh unless you can try with this to our vpn and then you can try with another information email and get a new one after two hours so it's up to you what you want to use anyway so you can see that our vps is running and here we have to use that username administrator and the ip you can see that public ip address and the password what we accept what we just saved earlier now you can see that our vps is now logging in and here is our vps working very nicely and smoothly uh oh so this vps is good and you can see in my computer section the properties of that dxpart .

If you go for my computer properties, you can see that it's a windows server 2012 and what the activation key and other things and now you can go for internet explorer to find out your net speed, so here I'm going to use um google chrome, so before using google chrome, I can uh search for that first dot com how it shows me that the speed is so typed your first.com, okay now we can go with fast.com. Still, as I told you that here I'm going to use google chrome because I always like to use google chrome. It's uh as smooth and as uh user friendly, so here I click on the run, and you can see that it takes no time and download it now uh it's taking the time for installing that google chrome in my VPA server so take a moment okay now sometime you will come to some notification about updates or indication that they are asking you for the update. Still, you can uh uncheck that and turn off the automatic update now after you turn off automatically.

 Let's come to our our google chrome and here we are going to search for uh we are going to see how is our speed so for that here we are going to use fast.com and okay when we type fast.com and enter you can see it take no time to load any moment you can see it the speed of this vp is the internet speed of this vps is around 60 megabytes so sometimes it increases more than 500 anyway so let's try with youtube you can see that i am browsing without any interruption so this is a pretty cool um trick to use it for any work like surveys or other what you guys are doing this data in this vps as usual so okay so i hope you liked this video tutorial make sure to subscribe my channel and you can join our community in facebook for latest videos and as you know that i have already shared in my facebook group that i'm gonna share with you a trick that uh without essence and without help of google you can earn similar similar like adsense so i'm gonna share that video very soon i hope you like that too so thanks for watching....

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