Make $10,000/Month on YouTube Without Filming Yourself (WORKING IN 2021)

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Make $10,000/Month on YouTube Without Filming Yourself

Hey what's up i asked you what faceless youtube niche would you start 1400 of you voted and i was shocked to find that it was not health it was not relationships 54 of you wanted to start a youtube channel around wealth that's really cool because i found three completely new faceless wealth youtube channels you've probably never seen before i'll show you step by step how you can make money on youtube without making videos yourself from scratch without showing your face on an expensive camera you can do this for less than a hundred dollars that's right in a minute i'll show you a six step process that even a high school dropout could use to make better videos seven times more captivating than 99 of the videos.

 I find on youtube also if you stay to the end of this video i'll show you how to see and immediately deal with your own personal trouble spots and get the correct mindset so you'll be successful on youtube just imagine what life would look like once you got your own successful faceless youtube channel hey what's up take a practice daniel norwegian youtube affiliate marketing biking and today we're at the monastery a very special place for the catholics and also for the orthodox and the muslims i'm not religious myself i'm an atheist but i do appreciate places like this so i want you to comment down below my favorite holy place is blank and you can enter with a thousand dollar course with this for your dog working more travel the world now i'm gonna enjoy this place.

Make $10,000/Month on YouTube Without Filming Yourself

     Hey everybody welcome back it's so good to have you here i'm about to show you three different youtube channels that are not showing their face they're not even making their own videos and then i'll show you exactly step by step how you can do that in the easiest and fastest way so you can make money online i don't know maybe travel the world feed your family buy some nice gucci slippers you know what i mean that's one of my goals here today okay give you those gucci slippers all right give you that versace robe i know how much you guys are commenting that oh the only thing i want to do is get that versace robe baby so i'm going to help you out all right okay the first channel i'm going to show you is called practical wisdom interesting ideas right now you can see that it got 2 million views the last 30 days making anywhere from 1 to 18 000 monthly earnings now this is about the money right the wealth that means that it's even higher than this number because that's why i have when.

Make $10,000/Month on YouTube Without Filming Yourself

  I saw socialblade and i have the wealth category so they're making around 18 000 per month for these two million views here probably even more and you can see about 70 60 000 views each and every single day now what they're making videos about is what monopoly can teach you about money 11 ways to avoid morning lacing them employee trades that bosses hate are you a good entrepreneur part two all of these types videos and you can see that they're posing pretty much every single day right here and you can see in the background just the stock videos and stock footage that i'll show you how to do in this video the next channel i want to show you is chris invest so this guy has 17 000 subscribers and you can see that he got 291 000 views the last 30 days increasing his views by 73 you can see his growth is just ridiculous right here which is really awesome so he's making anywhere from 200 to 26 000 now i definitely think that this is higher it might be at three or four 000 per month because.

   He's in the investing niche okay very high cpm and you can see he's getting an average of 10 000 per day that means he's making about 100 to and fifty dollars a day with just adsense and you can sell a lot of different things in the investing and i'll show you exactly what he's doing right now so this guy he actually is making these whiteboard animation type videos eight beginner investing tips must watch retire early on dividend gets richer over time essential tips to maximize your 401k now you might be thinking like oh i need to be a great investor in order to talk about this stuff i need to be an expert right now the thing is i don't know if you've heard about this story but it's the movie catch me if you can and this is based on reality now catch me if you can he was a con artist but what was so insanely cool was that he taught an entire year at harvard and they really couldn't understand like how did you with no prior experience or knowledge or skills teach an entire year on harvard well he just said well.

Make $10,000/Month on YouTube Without Filming Yourself

I read the chapter before the class i just stayed one page in front of every single one in the class and they thought i was a teacher nobody even caught me so if you learn something and then you share that it's just like you're reading one chapter ahead of everybody else you don't need to be an expert to be a great motivator and a great leader in your space now the last channel i'm gonna show you is called proactive thinker all right and this is getting 1.4 million views the last 30 days again this is the higher end up on the monetization adsense and they're getting about 50 000 to 80 000 views each and every day now what i wanted to show you with this is they have money mistakes i wish i knew at 20 five signs you were a future millionaire five money lessons in life people learned too late so you can see it's even a little bit about bitcoin crash and ethereum right here as well but it's all in the money aspect and you remember i talked about how they make more money well you can see that he's selling merch you can see that he's doing these other things and this channel right here as well cooper academy is also monetizing through these links and i'll show you at the end of this video what they're really doing to get double or even triple the amount of money from my experience that's what you can do from their.

   Youtube channel so do you think that you could make a faceless channel like this well if you do sit back relax i'm just gonna show you step by step how to do it right now and if you appreciate that gently tap that subscribe button gently blow a little breeze over at that like button step number one get a video idea so one of my favorite ways to get video ideas is to go to their channel search by most popular and then you can see what got views the last five months last two months you can say 114 000 views the last two months you know and it's talking about dividend income from 100 000 not what you think this thing is also retirement income from 1 million eye opening now immediately i can see that this one is about a dividend income this is about dividend income this is about dividend investing and this is about dividend investing so i know those four keywords are great so now i understand i need to learn more about dividend income so what i'm gonna do is search dividend income into youtube and now i'm going to watch this video this video and this video by the way love andre a true magician so immediately you can see that the top search icon here oh my god they have exactly the same setup in the back what's going on anyways this guy is talking about how to make 1000 per month in dividend income which i think is a way more interesting title so here we got our video idea step number two write the script so because this is our video idea now we're gonna search make 1000 per month in dividend and search for that and here you can see that we even niched down now you have two choices you can write the script yourself or you can hire a team that creates the video for you now you guys always tell me that i'm a sophisticated.


  Youtube god and i don't really know about that but if i would do it myself i would watch all of these videos right here take some notes write down some bullet points and everything that you go aha okay that's cool write down that bullet point because that means that you learned something but since you guys tell me i'm sophisticated youtube god which i don't really know if you should say that about me i would copy this link right here and then i would go to fiverr.com here just search for youtube script and you can see that 739 people wants to write your youtube script alright you don't have to do this yourself my least favorite is script writing for sure you can click on one of them and you can see that you get a thousand words that's almost seven eight minutes for ten dollars now when you continue and you purchase this gig and i use a lot of fiverr you just message him hey take inspiration from the top three videos right here and then write your own script after you watch that and that way you literally just outsource it for 10 easy pc lemon squeezy step number three do the voiceover so now let's imagine you got this article here back from the fiverr seller and you like it and you think hey this is all good so you pay him ten dollars and then what you need to do is obviously voice over this into a microphone now the first microphone you should buy is this little bad boy right here okay the blue snowball perfect this is how i started this is literally the only thing you need to invest 60 dollars to invest in a business if there's anybody you should invest in invest in yourself this 60 dollars right here is gonna pay back itself within a couple of videos and if you think that you have a bad english accent or something it doesn't matter i have a lot of youtube students and they have like hardcore friends accents they have hardcore indian accent and they said to me in the beginning like oh i need to sound american to become successful on youtube and that's just bs literally they're getting thousands of views per video now and they have like a hard foreign accent if that's the thing that's holding you back just stop if i didn't buy this microphone i wouldn't be making six figures a year i wouldn't be traveling around the world getting insane experiences everywhere i go and meeting the coolest people that i ever have met before if it wasn't for buying this little tiny microphone i know it sounds strange but this is one of the biggest hiccups i see for new people it's just like i don't want to talk into a microphone that's exactly the same as wanting to find a girlfriend but you're not willing to talk with any girl this single purchase is literally what made it happen for me so i just wanted to share that with you pick one up start reading into the microphone with this software right here audacity that makes you able to record your audio into the software make it sound good and all of that jazz you your laptop and your microphone is gonna travel the world i believe in you you can do this step number four do the animation go to videoscribe.co i'm not an affiliate for this tool but it's just the best one that i know of this is the exact same that chris invest is doing and i just found this right here written narrated and animated by chris so i know i talk a lot about you know outsourcing the work doing youtube automation cash cow channels but the thing that i actually recommend the most for all of you is to start the channel by yourself alone do each and every single task by yourself from start to finish and then once you've done that a little bit then start outsourcing some of the tasks now the key thing is to not make it about you don't make it a personal brand because then you can't outsource all of it if your voice changes in the videos they're gonna be like oh i watch these videos because and I like andy you guys would go like oh no. 

I didn't sign up for this unsubscribe dislike hateful comment so with this software right here you can pull in all of these assets into the video and then you have the mp3 the audio playing under it and then you do some hand animation put some context into it and you just watch one of the videos so you can really see how easy this is to do but none of that really matters if you don't do step number five make the thumbnail the thumbnail is one of the most important things you can check out these thumbnails you can also check out these thumbnails so he actually makes the thumbnails in the software itself but i'm going to show you a different way here this guy does a little bit more photoshoppy at this cooper academy does more of these images and some text on top of it and i'll show you the techniques right now on how to make this for free you don't even have to pay anything in order to do this go to canva.com here just search for youtube thumb and then click on this one right here here you can see all of these different templates but i don't really like any of these i actually made my own template pack that you can get inside of tube takeoff but obviously tube takeoff is not for everybody so i'm going to show you how to do it from scratch right now so we can just use any of these templates really and what we're going to do is just remove all of this now i like this gradient right here so i'm going to try to make it look good right now okay we got the text working a little bit now just make it a little bit better here that doesn't look too bad it's a little bit dark though so we're gonna make it brighter i do also believe gray looks pretty good on this one and it depends on how we find the clip art so that's we're going to do right now next step go to cleanpng.com so let's search maybe investing i mean this one is not too bad let's test it out and it's always like that with thumbnails you got to test it out you gotta check do i like it do i not like it but just drag that right in here i mean it's not bad but if i would do this make this a little bit bigger also you can't really see the text well it's actually not too bad but it's just a little bit too boring yeah .

I like that well with the yellow we can't really see what's going on yeah i don't really like the yellow so i think we're gonna go all the way to white here nah i mean pretty good thumbnail if you ask me now all you need to do is download png and just download this right here step number six monetize better so with these channels right here they're making a lot of ad revenue now the thing is that you can make about two to three times more than your ad revenue itself by selling something giving something of value away to your audience that they can pay for but you can see you know 13 000 here you can see cooper academy as well making 13 000 on the high end i believe that he's making double from this because this is based on 10 dollars per thousand views now i think this guy is for sure making 20 dollars per thousand views because it's usually about warren buffett's ray dalio high quality investors in the u.s market so that's a great high cpm niche but now as you can see in the top right he has an expert stock portfolio that goes straight to this guy called seven carlin research platform now this guy is apparently an expert stock market trader and you can see in the top right here that he has an affiliate code so this means that he's doing affiliate marketing for teachable right here so this sven carlin they asked to get an affiliate link and just like that they're promoting his product making probably 50 of this sale which is about 220 dollars per year and they probably have to pay this up front so they're making literally 220 dollars per sale and this is something you should look into once you grow for example you can also go to clickbank.com offervault.com and you can also go to cj.com these are all affiliate networks where you can sell other people's products and make money from that now i know i don't normally talk about my premium course but i wonder is it okay if i do that you guys have absolutely been buying this course heavily and i haven't promoted this product for the last six months and every single day i'm getting new people into this course and i'm getting a lot of people help i'm reviewing their videos we're going on monthly masterminds and the content itself is really great so i'm not gonna pitch this to you i just know that there's a lot of you guys that are struggling with youtube you don't know what niche to pick you don't know how to generate videos you don't have a community and accountability behind you and that's what this to take off offers as well as my one-on-one time as well so if you want to check this out check it out in the link in the description down below i promise that this will be worth it to you and i'm excited if you're the right fit if you really want to do this if you're not going to be like maybe maybe i'll start a youtube channel no i only want committed students like these guys a bunch of awesome people right here because if you're not committed to me if you're not committed to yourself then you know i can't help you and all i care about is getting every human to make a full-time living from creating videos that's the only thing i care about and this is by far the fastest way that i'll give you everything to be successful right here if you are the right fit so check it out in the link in description down below i just i haven't you know talked about this product for the last six months it's still selling like fresh break bread in the sunday morning and we're helping people get results you can see we just got a new guy into the youtube partner program uh we got the images from the take off tribe right here very fun we got some more people getting you know 500 views the first 24 hours and this guy already made his first 1 000 a day online like there's a lot of people like uh vanilla right here that has now 3 400 subscribers and earned over 800 per month reducing my strategy uh we got matt going in here with youtube shorts doing really well um we got some youtube shorts getting 230 000 views the last uh like 30 days with this yeah more and more people getting results and that's what i'm excited about but yeah i just wanted to share that with you real quick if you're the right fit it's the only youtube course you will ever need to buy because i'm updating it all the time my name is heather and i just completed andy hafel's tube takeoff course before i found andy i had no clue about youtube other than to watch it um i didn't even think about starting a youtube channel or considering a business involving youtube and i literally accidentally stumbled upon andy um by doing research on affiliate marketing and when i got a ton of value from his one video that i happened to see i couldn't help but join his course because i figured if i could gain this much value from one free video of andy's imagine what it would be like to learn from him directly and during the course it was exciting we got to learn step by step the exact blueprint for youtube marketing success for developing an amazing channel and the action just comes you are inspired to take action because you can't help but do it with the information and the valuable teachings that andy gives after the course the results i now have a youtube channel with videos posted with a clear direction on where i'd like to go and how to grow my business and how to partner it with affiliate marketing and other strategies and something about andy is he's super down on earth i appreciate the blessing of meeting him and i look forward to continue applying everything i've learned and more moving forward thank you so much andy the best investment i made this year all right enough about my course make sure you subscribe take the notification bell like the video and also there's two videos on the screen right now if you want to continue watching my free content i mean my free content is pretty good but if you watch paid content you know it's better alright thank you so much everybody and i'll see you in the next one.... 

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