PUBG Mobile 1.6 New Update | ONLY NO RECOIL CONFIG 1.6.0 | NO GRASS 90FPS CONFIG | 100% SAFE

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Dear player: 

In order to bring a better gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will gradually push updates starting from September 14. The Android version application installation package is only 690 MB. The iOS version is 1.68 GB.

Version update bonus:

From September 14th to September 19th (UTC+0), the updated version will get: 2,888BP, 100AG, champion mecha backpack (3 days)*1.

Key updates:

1. The new model: the threat of different strains

PUBG Mobile 1.6 New Update | ONLY NO RECOIL CONFIG 1.6.0

The island was invaded by the alien plant Yarrow, which absorbed special energy, quickly occupied the major core urban areas, forming a life barrier with a restoring effect. The giant spaceship of Zaiyuan Matrix that was hoped to escape was also out of control because of the invasion. It went to Zaiyuan Matrix to investigate and regain energy, and experience random firearms and a refreshing chaos that can be resurrected repeatedly. Call DynaHex supplies to escort your battle

PUBG Mobile 1.6 New Update | ONLY NO RECOIL CONFIG 1.6.0

2. Return to the map/mode

In the past period of time, we have noticed everyone’s discussions on various models, and we are very pleased that these models that unite the team’s efforts have gained everyone’s favor. We will return to the following model as planned. For more information, please pay attention to the official announcement and official community.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 New Update | ONLY NO RECOIL CONFIG 1.6.0

1. Tremorous Escape: Reunion (Metro Escape: Reunion)

-We have upgraded some of the contents of Metro Royale, so stay tuned

2. Behemoth end battle mode

3. Map of Vikendi

4. Dawn Survival Mode

5. Full Fire 2.0 Mode

6. Fatal infection mode

7. Runestone power mode

8. Man-machine battle mode

3. New social functions

We always hope that PUBG MOBILE is not only a game, but also a place where you can share, show off and meet new friends. We have added social functions to make it easier for you to meet new friends around you who like PUBG MOBILE.

1. New wonderful moments-you can share your wonderful actions! Please turn it on in settings. The historical record can also be viewed and shared to chat and external platforms.

2. Some countries try to be online on the battle zone rankings. You can select popular areas/landmarks in your country. Players from the same region can enter the leaderboard to compete for ranking. You can get rewards for the corresponding titles, and you can also invite players from the same region to team up, chat, and view trends.

Fourth, experience improvement

PUBG MOBILE has been pursuing the goal that every player can participate in the competition, be willing to grow and share achievements. We are committed to optimizing the combat experience, and we are willing to provide more opportunities and rewards to players who struggle tirelessly

1. Added a new play-off for the National Games. Teams that have not qualified for the finals in the semi-finals will have the opportunity to participate, no regrets! In addition, a weekly ranking list is added to provide more opportunities for performance

2. Season C1S2 (September 17th-November 18th) rewards are more generous, the effect is more cool, and the caring is more intimate

3. Optimize part of the effect display, action performance and basic operations. You can play the game more smoothly

5.-Royale Pass Month 3: Chef's Selection (September 17th-October 17th)

The price remains the same, the reward is increased! Full service lucky chicken, try your luck!


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