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How to get $350 threshold Google Ads in 2022

$350 threshold Google Ads

Step By Step Guideline & Setup 


Google Adwords is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. The problem with Adwords is that it is very expensive. However, with the right strategies, you can get Google Adwords for free or almost free. This blog will look at different strategies you can use to get a $350 threshold Google Adwords account. 

1. VPS: Amazon AWS / Azure: ( AWS Recommend For Now To Get Maximum Success Ratio ) :)+ If you have your own card then, you can create a free $200 credit azure account for VPS Here is the Link: Azure Sign Up (It will cost nothing) 

2. Browser: Mozilla Firefox / Chrome 

3. Sign Up Link: Google Ads Sign Up (Use this link to sign up in google ads account, Keep in mind that this is a special link and it will directly go through to the google ads account home page) 

4. Addons Link For Mozilla Firefox 

● Webrtc Disable Addons:  Download From This Link 
● Random User-agent Addons:  Download From This Link 

( Update: You can use chrome browser as an alternative )

How to Setup Successful Billing and Payment Method in 2022

1. While you will go through billing and payment option, they will ask you to choose Business/ Individual I prefer to use Business Options***** 

2. Zip Code: We will use zip code from whoer.net or google map exact matching with IP 

3. We will use Gmail name as a business name & cardholder name.

Setup Successful Billing and Payment Method in 2022

How To Create Successful Dummy & Real Campaign in 2022

1. Dummy campaign:

You have to set up a dummy campaign first to get clicks and impressions thereafter you got clicks and impressions it will make your account active and live. So when you will set up 2nd campaign as your own/real campaign it won't waste your domain. You can set up by making sure it will be worked as the dummy got clicks and live. 

2. Campaign & Ads: 

I prefer to use single ads and single campaigns always, Instead of so many. We have a 100% working method and we can create unlimited google ads account for safety we use single ads and a single campaign that will make your account live and campaign successful.

1. I prefer to use $5/budget a day while you started, never put $50 or more than $100 budget it will put your account at risk. Starting with the budget of $5, after a few days you can increase the budget of your campaign. 

Note: If you make any kind of changes in your google ads account then it will go under review. So I just want to prefer don’t make lots of changes once your account got clicks or impressions, otherwise, it will stop providing results. 

2. Real Campaign: After the dummy got clicks and impressions, in the same way, make set up your own campaign. Set up your own campaign as a 2nd ad & 2nd campaign After 24 hours is safe :) to create your own campaign. Note: Don't pause the dummy make it run. If you pause the dummy it will make your account in review again.
Note: Don't pause the dummy make it running. If you pause the dummy it will make your account in review again.

How to Create Successful VCC For Google Adword Accounts in 2022

Since Entropay no longer works (an easy way to get VCC quickly), there are also many fake online free VCC providers who are stealing your information because VCC doesn't work. Yes, here I am providing the best free VCC providers in 2022.

VCC Providers

  • Neteller 
  • Netspend 
  • Privacy
  • American Express Go
  • ecoPayz (ecoVirtualcard) 
  • Payoneer
  • Wallmart Money Card 
  • SpectroCard

Google Adword Account Setup in 2022

1. Firstly, you need to sign up for google ads account and you will create a google ads account, after successfully creating a google ads account. Leave them for 48 Hours then add VCC. After that 48 hours to 76 hours later create a dummy campaign. 

2. When the dummy campaign got live create the 2nd campaign (within 24 hours ) 
3. You just need to use USA Gmail I’ll send USA Gmail Seller contact on Skype. 

4. I'll send the cheap AWS Seller contact ( if you don't have azure )