Automatic Youtube Watch Time Software Worth $500

This is the best Youtube view bot that you will come across. This tool has all the features that you might be looking for. It will help you to increase your views quickly.

How the software works?

The Automatic YouTube Watch Time Software is designed to increase the watch time of your YouTube videos automatically. It works by playing your videos in the background, simulating user engagement, and boosting your watch time. Here's how it works:

Download and install the software

  1. Choose the videos you want to increase watch time for.
  2. Set the amount of time you want the software to run.
  3. The software will play your selected videos in the background, simulating user engagement and boosting watch time.
  4. The software will stop automatically after the set time.

Features of this youtube Youtube Watch Time Software

Using this tool, you can get views from 

  • YouTube Search 

You need to provide inputs to the tool like video URL, Number of proxies (if you are using one), number of views, watch time range, and the keyword for which you want to increase your rank. The tool will open youtube one by one and search for the keyword and then keep scrolling and look for your video in the results and click on your video. This will also increase your CTR. And since you will use proxies, you will get distinct views. 

Note: Your video must be listed/seen somewhere in the search results of the keyword. If not, then you can try using the keyword with your channel name. Eg 

  • Channel Pages
  • Direct or unknown

You can even: 

  • Increase your CTR 
  • Increase your average view duration. 
This tool allows you: 

  • To use proxies to get views from different places/countries 
  • Choose the incognito mode or normal mode 
  • To clear the browsing data All these factors are important for you


  • Yes, You must also know the other factors too for the video to rank.  
  • A good thumbnail  A catchy Title 
  • Low competition keyword in the title.
  • Tags with low-competition keywords

So by that, the tool doesn't guarantee to rank your video, but surely you can boost your video with views, watch time, and CTR which are important in the youtube algorithm. 


▪ Operating System(OS): Windows 8, 10, 11 (The tool will not work on windows 7 or earlier) 

▪ Must have Google Chrome 

▪ The chromedriver.exe in the setup is version 108. Since Google Chrome keeps updating, Make sure that the Chromedriver.exe and your Google Chrome version are the same. To download the chrome driver go to Once the new version is downloaded, copy the new chromedriver.exe and paste it into the setup folder. 

▪ Do not remove or change the name of any folder or files in the setup. All the files and folders in the Zip provided have to be in one folder only. 

• “proxies.txt” file will contain the list of proxies that you want to use. Store it one below the other along with its login id and password in the given format, (NO Spaces)
server:port:username: password 
server:port:username: password 

If the login id and password for proxies are not provided to you then just enter server and port, like below server: port

Note: Make sure there is no blank lines in between or in the end of the text file. 



The Automatic YouTube Watch Time Software is a powerful tool for anyone looking to increase their watch time, improve their video ranking, and get more views. With its easy-to-use interface and automatic functionality, it's the perfect solution for YouTubers looking to grow their channels without spending countless hours manually increasing watch time. Download the software today and start seeing the results for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many views I can set without proxy/ with proxy?

For each Machine/IP/proxy/server you can get 2 views, whether it's your machine or some proxy. 2 views mean One with Normal mode and one with Incognito mode. You can get more views but it's possible Youtube will not count them. (Simply 1 proxy/ip = 1-2 views)

Will my channel be banned if I use this tool?

This is an automatic tool that simply opens up your chrome and navigates to YouTube and watches the video as shown in the above video. You are in full control of the usage of the tool. Proxies are the key. Risk is when you get all your views from the same IP. This tool even clears the browser data before watching the video.

How to grow my channel using this tool?

Just get the first 30-100 views using the tool. Use the Youtube search feature of the tool. Which will help in ranking your keyword (Not neglecting the other aspects). Once you see its ranking then let the video grow organically. No need to use the tool further.

Do I need to know coding?


Can I use the tool inside VPN?


Where to buy proxies and what proxies do we need?

There are many websites that will provide you with private proxies or YouTube. like,, and You can buy ipv6 proxies and HTTP/HTTPS method

Does this tool open multiple tabs to give views?

No, the tool will open the video one after the other. Eg. If I enter 10 views, then the tool will not open 10 browsers. it will open 1 browser and will watch videos one after the other. If you want multiple views at the same time, you can copy the tool and paste it into a different folder and run from it.

Does this tool support Mac?

No, This tool is designed for Windows 8 and above.

Password: Fasitv