THIS IS LEGIT! ZERO-COST Method To Earn +$80-$150 Every 60 Minutes!

Are you looking for a way to make money online quickly and easily? In today's video, we are going to show you a zero-cost method that you can use to get completely instant traffic in less than one minute from setting this up and make anywhere from 80 to 156 dollars per hour of doing this. Maybe $80 is not that much per hour, but you can literally do this from anywhere while you are traveling to work or while you're doing anything at all. All you need is your Wi-Fi connection and your phone. You don't even have to have a laptop for this. 

Step 1: Go to and Download the Application

The first step in this method is to go to, which is going to be the CPA network of choice because they have very unique high converting offers with the best payouts in the entire industry. You just want to go to, download the application on either iPhone or Android and pretty much you can see that if you're going to go to the page, this is how it's going to look inside. But they are only pretty much invite-only. In this video, we will get you a guaranteed code to get approved.

Step 2: Go to and Create a Landing Page

The next thing you want to do is go to and create a simple landing page with a couple of offers from Tapmob. You just want to add a couple of links. This is something we are going to be using to actually make money from the free traffic.

Step 3: Find a Math Quiz

Now comes the traffic hack. What you want to do is go to Google and search for "math quiz." Click on images, and what you are looking for are super simple but clever math quizzes. There are a lot of them, but we are looking for the ones where people need to think about if they start dividing first or they start subtracting first. You can also come up with your own, but the easiest way is to go to Google and find something.

Step 4: Go to TikTok and Create an Account

You want to go to TikTok and sign up for an account. This is the first thing. Go to TikTok's app for an account.

Step 5: Record a Video and Post it on TikTok

Now, you want to open up your TikTok page. Record a video with the math quiz and post it on TikTok. In the caption, add a call-to-action to click the link in your bio to solve the math quiz and win a prize.

Step 6: Wait for the Traffic and Watch the Money Roll In

Now all you need to do is wait for the traffic to come to your landing page, and watch the money roll in. You can make anywhere from $80 up to $156 per hour doing this. And you don't even have to generate any sales at all.


There you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to get instant traffic and make money in minutes. This method is great for anyone who wants to make some extra cash on the side or for those who want to make a full-time income. Just remember to be creative with your math quizzes and keep posting videos on TikTok to keep the traffic coming in. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!